Corporate Culture

The Code of Conduct, which is at the core of our corporate culture, defines our fundamental ethical values. Our overriding guiding principle is based on our unwavering policy of maintaining our competitive position through the quality of our service and not through corruption, price fixing or similar measures that will not be tolerated. I would like to dispel all doubt at this point: anyone who seeks commercial success through the use of such measures is severely damaging the Company’s interests and must thus reckon with immediate consequences.
This clear Code of Conduct and our Compliance Program releases you from any questions of doubt. However, should you have any questions you can contact the company Compliance Officer in the US or contact the Corporate Compliance Office in Duisburg, Germany. These sources will provide a clear and unambiguous response.
The same applies if you discover a breach of the Code. We do not wish to create a culture of mistrust, but it is your duty to report a breach in such a case. Nobody should fear reprisals for having done so.
We can only be successful if we offer our customers the best service and are reliable partners to our suppliers. At the same time, through these clear rules of conduct we also aim to protect you as an employee, generate added value for our shareholders and support society as a whole.
We are certain this Code of Conduct will ensure that we are well equipped for the future. We can only implement these principles in everyday life if we work together as a team.
Did you Know?
In the last 10 years, Klöckner & Co has made 8 acquisitions in the US.
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