Customer Profiles

The company began ten years ago in a Philadelphia, PA suburb, with the development of a business incubator using venture capital from Robert Lipinski. Bob is an entrepreneur from South Jersey who already built a very successful landscaping and snow removal business, “Lipinski Enterprises,” from a humble start in his garage.  He fu... read more »
Con-Tech Systems was founded in 1985 by Horst Aschebroich in Canada.  It has grown to 5 manufacturing facilities in the United States and Canada with even more Sales and Engineering Divisions in each country.  Mr. Aschebroich has been involved in the industry for many years and understands the need for better options for his customers.... read more »
Industrial Door Contractors, Inc. was officially incorporated in 1983 and has been growing ever since. The founder, Woody Dillard, gained experience in hangar door design throughout the 1970s before starting IDC in 1983. Beginning with just a handful of team members, IDC quickly started to gain a commendable reputation and established its building ph... read more »
How does a company become one of the premier structural fabricators in the Southeast? They do it through hard work, an eye on new technology, and by continually updating processes and work methodology. A prime example of a company meeting and exceeding these goals is Rodgers Metal Craft Inc., located in Fortson, Georgia. The company was started in 1... read more »
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Our Building Products Division, based in Tulsa, OK, can supply coils in over 350 color surface codes.
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